Driveway Permit Application  

This form is to be used for private entrances where the applicant installs the side drain pipe and constructs the turnout. Culverts must be a minimum of 24 feet in length, and in addition, they must have 3 to 1 sloped ends, (which are not included in the 24 feet of culvert length). Culverts can be corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, or high density corrugated polyethylene pipe. Culverts less than 30” in diameter must be reinforced concrete or high density corrugated polyethylene pipe with smooth flow line. Polyethylene pipe requires a minimum of one foot coverage. All shared driveways shall have reinforced concrete pipe.

**************************IMPORTANT NOTICE******************* For concrete driveway installments, DO NOT place concrete within 5 feet of the County’s road. For mailbox installments, DO NOT install BRICK mailboxes on the County’s right-of-way. Please see attached mailbox regulations for installment information. *************************************************************

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