Document Help Section

Delta Computer Systems recommends using web browser Internet Explorer 5 or 6 for best results. Earlier browser versions are not supported. Windows 98, 2000 and XP are recommended operating systems. Earlier operating systems are not supported.

Not all Deeds and Records listed will have a document available for downloading. If there is a button, then there is a document.


Types of Problems:

1) How do I zoom, navigate, print or save a document?

2)When trying to view a document, a selection box pops up asking me which application to use. Which one do I use?

3) Everytime I a view document, I get a box asking me "What would you like to do with this file?". I just want to open it, but cannot uncheck the "Always ask this before opening this type of file". How do I uncheck the flag?

4) When trying to view a document I get "The document cannot be opened...". What's wrong?

Answer: The document may be corrupt and unreadable. Please contact the Webmaster with the document information.

5) When viewing a document I get a "Runtime Error: 13 Mismatch". What's causing this?

Answer: This error is rare and in most cases the image still displays correctly. There is currently no fix. Please contact the Webmaster with this information.

6) I can only view/print the first page of a document.
This happens when using the Apple Quicktime Viewer. This type of viewer cannot handle multi-page tiff documents. You can either uninstall the Quicktime program or disable its tiff document viewer features.

To disable the Quicktime tiff document viewer features:
Start the Quicktime Player
Choose "Edit" then "Preferences" then "Quicktime Preferences".

Choose "Browser Plug-in" from the top menu.
Choose "Mime Settings..."

Click the second square next to "Images" until the box is empty like example above. This will tell the Quicktime Player not to display downloaded image files.
Click "OK".
Close the "Quicktime Settings" box.
Click "File" then "Exit".
Restart your computer.